GSA Schedule Market Share Comparator

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  • 26th July 2021
  • BY Bob Steger
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GSA Schedule Market Share Comparator

In the federal space the largest line drawn in the sand is the difference between large and small business. The federal government attempts to lower the playing field by having procurements that are under the simplified acquisition threshold be set-aside for small businesses.

Small businesses that obtain a GSA Schedule on average have more market share than small businesses without.

Number of GSA Schedule Holders

12,000 small businesses

Number of Non-GSA Holders ( only)

330,000 small businesses


Small Business Type Federal Sales Number of Firms Average Sales Market Share vs. Large Business
GSA Schedule Holders $15B 12,000 $1MM 40.4%
Small Business – non GSA Schedule Holders $90B 330,000 $272K 20.3%

-GSA Schedule Holders have over 3x more sales ($1MM vs $272K) of non-schedule holders.

-GSA Schedule Holders perform much better against large businesses (2x more effective at competing with large businesses.) We can see this in the comparison of the market share of 40.4% for GSA Schedule Holders vs 20.3% for small businesses at large.

Exploring GSA Market Share Across Industries

Some Industries on the GSA Schedule System provide a greater advantage for small businesses by obtaining GSA Schedule Contract when competing with large federal contractors. Below is the listing of GSA Schedule Industries with the percentage of the sales from that GSA Schedules, that are with small business.

Industry Small Business Percentage
Leasing of Automobiles and Light Trucks 100.0%
Temporary Administrative and Professional Staffing Services 99.9%
Shipping, Packaging and Packaging Supplies 93.7%
Photographic Equipment 91.3%
Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) - Office Supplies (OS3) 82.3%
Sports, Promotional, Outdoor, Recreation, Trophies, and Signs (Sports) 78.4%
Furnishing and Floor Coverings 76.1%
Automotive Superstore 74.1%
Comprehensive Furniture Management Services (CFMS) 72.0%
Food Service, Hospitality, Cleaning, Equipment and Supplies, Chemicals and Services 70.5%
Building and Building Materials/Industrial Services and Supplies 67.5%
Office Products/Supplies and Services and New Product/Technology 62.6%
Facilities Maintenance and Management 53.3%
Furniture 50.2%
Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security, Facilities Management, Fire, Rescue, Clothing, Marine Craft, and Emergency/Disaster Response 46.6%
Hardware Superstore 45.9%
Scientific Equipment and Services 40.9%
The Professional Services Schedule (PSS)* 39.7%
General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software and Services* 39.3%
Human Capital Management and Administrative Support Services 37.9%
Transportation, Delivery, and Relocation Solutions 32.9%
Professional Audio/Video Telemetry/Tracking, Recording/Reproducing and Signal Data Solutions 31.4%
Publication Media 26.6%
The Office, Imaging and Document Solution 17.2%
Travel Services Solutions 12.5%
Average 40.4%

*Denotes large spending categories.

A GSA Schedule by GSA Advantage Provides in competing small federal contractors as well as leveling the playing field verses large federal contractors.