GSA sales advantage

3x Sales of Other Small Businesses

Firms that sell to the federal government with a GSA Schedule have a 2.8x Advantage over their small business competition without a GSA Schedule. GSA Professional Services can increase to over 3x if we remove small business construction firms doing federal work as these projects are not available for purchase from GSA Schedule Holders.


For the 200,000 plus small businesses engaged in federal contracting without a GSA Schedule the largest problem they face is the lack of a consistent contracting vehicle. GSA Updates inhibits sales growth because federal agencies that are ready to buy from them need a contracting vehicle to legally buy in compliance with FAR Regulations.

GSA Schedule is a Contracting Vehicle

A GSA Schedule contract solves this issue so that when a meeting of the minds occurs a sales can take place. The federal purchase must take place in compliance with FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation). FAR insures fairness and competitiveness throughout the federal buying process. Having a GSA Schedule Contract in place can lessen the time burden of a purchase from putting something out for bid at over 200 days to the average GSA Schedule time of several weeks or evendays, while meeting all FAR requirements. This is why GSA Schedule Holders consistently outsell their small business peers without GSA Schedules.