small business sales

GSA Schedules are a great tool for small businesses to break into the federal marketplace. The average small business with a GSA Schedule did $1.1MM in sales. Businesses that have special designations that hold a GSA Schedule often have strong sales from their schedule as well. (see table below)

Business Type/Size Amount of GSA Revenue # of GSA Schedule Holders Average GSA Revenue 2020
Large Business 22.4B 2,415 9,276,190
Small Business 13.1B 11,960 1,100,376
SDVOSB 2.3B 1,444 1,580,748
VOSB 3.2B 2,267 1,430,128
EDWOSB 1.5B 1,538 969,636
WOSB 3.5B 3,403 1,037,467
8a 2.3B 1,630 1,440,123
HUBZone 1.1B 796 1,377,136
  • SDVOSB – Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business
  • VOSB – Veteran Owned Small Business
  • EDWOSB – Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business
  • WOSB – Woman Owned Small Business
  • 8a – Socially and Economically Disadvantaged Small Business (typically minority owned)
  • HUBZone – Historically Underutilized Business Zones

If we compare these figures to the average small business doing contracting work with the federal government there are currently 378,965 active small businesses in the system for award management. In 2019 they shared $132.9B in federal contracts for an average sales figure of $379K per firm. A GSA Schedule opens up a much larger sales channel for small business.

Additionally the average small business with a GSA Schedule experienced steady growth in 2020. The average small business with a GSA Schedule had a 7.9% increase in revenue. Some of the better faring small businesses such as 8a and HUBZone experienced over 20% growth.

Average GSA Revenue 2019 Average GSA Revenue 2020 1 year Sales Growth Percentage
Large Business 8,288,651 9,276,190 11.9%
Small Business 1,019,693 1,100,376 7.9%
SDVOSB 1,503,461 1,580,748 5.1%
VOSB 1,293,620 1,430,128 10.6%
EDWOSB 862,210 969,636 12.5%
WOSB 984,750 1,037,467 5.4%
8a 1,155,542 1,440,123 24.6%
HUBZone 1,116,958 1,377,136 23.3%

Hopefully this data demonstrates the value of a GSA Schedule for small business as it can open many doors with the federal government.