GSA smart pay

What is GSA Smartpay

GSA Smartpay is the federal credit card system that allows federal buyers (from over 300 agencies) to purchase goods and services in amounts up to $10,000. The government buyer can make their purchases provides the government vendor is setup to take GSA Smartpay cards.

Note: As part of obtaining a GSA Schedule all holders are automatically signed up for Smartpay.

gsa smart pay credit card

Smartpay Spending

GSA Smartpay is the most widely used federal purchase card. As you can see from the graph below Smartpay cards were used for the purchase of over $21.9B worth of goods and services in 2019. Smartpay sales grew roughly 10% from 2018 to 2019.

GSA smart pay credit card graph

Smartpay Transaction Size

The average transaction size for a purchases using a Smartpay card has surpassed $1K for the first time. Compared to US Ecommerce benchmark for non-governmental order of between $72-134 per transaction.

Smartpay transaction size graph

Most Common Smartpay Product Purchases

  1. Medical, Hospital Equipment and Supplies
  2. Industrial Supplies
  3. Training
  4. Office Supplies

Most Common Smartpay Service Purchases

  1. Janitorial, Cleaning and Maintenance
  2. Protection and Security Services
  3. Engineering, and Environmental Services

GSA Schedule Holder Advantage

GSA Schedule Holders are setup with Smartpay as part of the schedule process. Therefore federal buyers look to GSA Schedule holders first because they know these vendors can accept their easiest method of payment Smartpay!